Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nilsson et Chiglien in Hong Kong

For weeks the newly decorated gallery on Hollywood Road was empty. One night a man was standing there.It looked a bit odd. For a moment I thought He was the exhibition. Then the ceramic globular shapes from artist Steen Ipsen arrived and the gallery was finally in use. On their website Ipsen explains his art as follows:

“...... The works are constructed according to certain rules, either methodical or chaotic,simple or complex. The shape is as important as the decorative element and the two fuse to become one.
The shapes are often extreme and outrageous, repetitive and accumulated. I'm looking to develop an abundance of sensuality  and find a formal vocabulary that is rooted in modernism."

They reminded me of the DNA models we used during biochemistry lessons.

© Kees Metselaar 2012

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